Family members shocked after deadly Columbus house fire

Family members shocked after deadly Columbus house fire

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two devastating fires in three days - the Lullwater Apartments fire burned dozens of people out of their apartments Monday, and on Wednesday morning, flames ripped through a Columbus home, leaving two family members dead.

Family members from Houston, Texas to Atlanta rushed to the house, off Forrest Road in Columbus where a mother and son were not able to escape or survive the early morning fire.

"They didn't make it, you see other people making it out. I just can't get it," said Angela Potts, daughter and granddaughter.

Jettie Potts, 88, and her 64-year-old son Smedley Potts who also served as her caretaker, were inside their Courtland Avenue home when the fire started. Some of the damage to the home the fire left behind is still visible.

Daughters of Smedley Potts rushed to Columbus from Atlanta after they heard about the tragic fire.

"My cousin called and it was just heartbreaking. My grandmomma and my dad all together at the same time to leave me. I don't know what I'm going to do," said Smedley's daughter Sabrina Webb.

As news spread, other family members also came to the home. It's still standing despite the flames starting at the house around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Officials say the elderly Jettie Potts called 911 from her bed for help. Family members say she can't walk on her own and wasn't able to get outside.

"I miss our grandma as well. I know my dad would have did whatever he could to get his mom out of there but unfortunately they did not make it out," said Potts.

Now the family wants to know exactly how and where the fire started. Columbus Fire investigators are still working to find those answers.

We're also told by family that Smedley Potts was a Marine who served in the Vietnam War. We'll let you know when the family makes plans for his and his mother's funerals.

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