Russell Co. teen, family upset over school brawl caught on video

Russell Co. teen, family upset over school brawl caught on video

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A fight at Russell County High School has a mother outraged at how the school is handling the situation.

She wants to know what's being done about the person seen on camera attacking her daughter.

The freshman at Russell County High says she was attacked by another female in the school cafeteria Wednesday.

Her mother said she wants to know what's going to be done about the violent act, hoping to get answers from school officials.

This video circulating on social media has more than 14,000 views. It shows Russell County High School student Amanda Stafford getting punched repeatedly by another student. The face of the other student has been blurred out because her name is unknown.

Amanda believes the confrontation was because of a he said, she said situation.

"Whether it was true or not she did not have any validation. She just goes ahead and attacks me and I couldn't hit her back there was no option," Amanda said.

The video has gotten the attention of the Russell County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Brenda Coley. We reached out to the superintendent for comment Friday afternoon.

"I was very shocked and very disturbed. I am very concerned about what has happened and we want to take proactive measure so that this does not happen again," said Coley.

Amanda's mother say this isn't the first attack on her daughter this year by a student. This time they are looking to possibly press charges.

"I put it on Facebook when I got a hold of it last night because no one was helping me. No one was telling me anything," said Robin Stafford.

Robin Stafford says she met with the school resource officer and the assistant principal Friday afternoon. She wanted to get the name of the student in the video and if the student would face any punishment. School officials do not have to release that information for privacy reasons.

"We are going to fully investigate the situation. I do know at this point disciplinary action were taken," said Coley.

Amanda says she doesn't know the girl who is seen in the video hitting her, but she hopes she never has to face another situation like this again. In this incident, she didn't fight back out of fear of being suspended.

Superintendent Coley says safety is a priority and they want to make sure all kids feel safe in a school environment. They would also need to talk with everyone involved and make sure the students are reprimanded correctly.

The superintendent has made contact with the school principal and they will follow procedures as stated in the student code of conduct handbook.

Amanda has continued going to school. Her parents plan to go through the Russell County Sheriff's Office to figure out their options in the legal process.

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