Fraternity house vandalized in Columbus

Fraternity house vandalized in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – On Friday, Oct. 23 around 11 a.m. the Columbus police were responded to 830 2nd Ave. regarding a house being vandalized.

According to police reports, once the officer arrived he spoke with a man who stated the undergraduate students of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi had a Halloween party on Thursday, Oct. 22 at their fraternity house.

The man also stated they had an issue with noise and the police were called to the house. He then said that he was notified by some of the members of the fraternity about a verbal altercation with residents on 2nd Avenue because of the noise.

The students then turned down the music and complied with the police and they ended up shutting the party down around 1 a.m. on Friday.

The man who reported the incident said he went to check on the fraternity house and noticed it was vandalized. He saw a cross in red paint on the front of the house and on the front of the windows. There were also crosses in green paint on the front windows and the front door.

The Kappa Alpha Psi sign in the front yard was spray painted red and green. There was a light colored green paint and an unknown black substance all over the steps in the front of the house.

Later on a few of the undergraduate students arrived at the house and told police they had a verbal altercation with a white male with gray hair and a beard who possibly had an Italian accent.

Reports also say the students stated an unknown white male came to the party very intoxicated yelling and cursing at the students about the loud music.

However, it is undetermined who vandalized the property.

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