Columbus council shuts down Club Luxxx after multiple shootings

Liquor and business license revoked from Club Luxxx

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After more than an hour of discussions between council members, the police chief, and a club owner; a nine to zero vote revoked the liquor license for gentlemen's Club Luxx on the Southside in Columbus after multiple shootings.

Police Chief Ricky Boren said this is the third club they've shut down in the past few years and it all stems from crime, violence and shootings.

Boren put in the recommendation to not only to revoke the liquor license, but their business license as well.

"I think if we can save a life based on this closure, we've accomplished what my job is in this city, and that's the safety of our citizens. I think the business had started a track record of violence we had seen several shootings," Boren said.

Boren listed other reasons why he felt the gentlemen's club needed to be shut down including guns and drugs inside the club, as well as missed payments and employees not up to state standards.

However, attorney Stacey Jackson who represents club owner Jamal Floyd, said things would be different at the club if there was more police presence, which is something that's allowed for businesses in the uptown district.

Jackson added that the fact that Club Luxxx and others like it are not allowed to hire off duty officers doesn't give those business owners a fair chance.

"So they can skirt around the police policy where police can't work for bars, but basically those bars and restaurants pay money into the business improvement district and then they in turn pay the officers so the money comes directly from them. You don't have that for those businesses on Victory Drive and on the south end of town," Jackson said.

Club Luxxx owner Jamal Floyd said most of the incidents happened outside of his club, but he will now try to put together a business improvement district for the Southside, so they can hire off duty officers and keep the crime rate down in that area as well.

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