Dog's fate uncertain after attacking animal control officer

Dog's fate uncertain after attacking animal control officer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An animal control officer attacked by two pit bulls this week is recovering from severe injuries on his arms.

One of the dogs died during the attack and the other remains in quarantine.

"The second dog is being observed right now to ensure it doesn't have rabies because the owner did not have accurate records," said Drale Short, Division Manger of the Animal Control Center.

Short says her employee who was attacked will be off of work for more than two weeks but the fate of the pit bull that survived is still not certain.

"We have requested that the state classify the dog as a vicious animal," says Short.

Once the dog is classified by the state as a dangerous animal, the owner has three options: appeal, put the dog down or accept it and comply with all of the state requirements for housing  a vicious animal.

Those requirements include micro-chipping them, having a $50,000 surety bond, marking every entrance of their property with a vicious animal sign and providing a secured outdoor pen for the animal.

Short says following this incident the Columbus Animal Control Center is looking into additional tools to help protect their animal control officers.

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