Two Columbus kids get a Halloween surprise from a 'Superhero'

Two Columbus kids get a Halloween surprise from a 'Superhero'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus firefighter surprises two young girls who lost all their toys in a fire in early October on Allied Drive.

Batman and Batgirl greeted the two sisters as they arrived at fire station number four on Oakley Drive for a Halloween surprise.

"All I wanted to do was get them some candy and a couple of toys from the guys from the station," said Anthony St. Pierre.

Anthony St. Pierre, a Columbus firefighter paramedic, transformed into the superhero as his way to bring new toys and other necessities to the family. They lost everything when their trailer caught on fire off Cusseta Road.

"She get's out the car and said no my toys. She kept crying about her toys," said Jessica Strickland mother.

5-year-old Robin Robinson and 2-year-old Ravin Robinson got some new toys to play with. Batman asked the community to drop off donations at any of the 14 fire departments in Columbus. Some items came from as far as California.

"I had to make trip after trip cause each station had so much stuff," St. Pierre said.

St. Pierre had some help to make this event happen. He is part of a Heroes alliance group. During a conference in Atlanta, he met Caitlin Norton. He told her about his plans to take the girls trick or treating and give them some gifts. Dressed as Batgirl, she drove from Atlanta to help with the surprise.

"It makes me want to cry. I gave them scarves and she said this is the most amazing thing and she gave me a hug and started crying," said Norton.

"This is just awesome that there's actually people still out there that do this," said Strickland.

St. Pierre is living up to the words real life heroes that's posted on the wall at fire station number four.

The family and "Batman" says they will continue their relationship in the future. The family is now living in a new trailer in their same neighborhood.

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