AU student texts ex-boyfriend lyrics to Adele's 'Hello'

AU student texts ex-boyfriend lyrics to Adele's 'Hello'

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – There is no better way for a young woman to confuse a young man than through text message.

It's probably not what Mary Caldarella meant to do – it looks like she was trying to have fun – but the screenshots of texts sent to her ex with the lyrics to Adele's latest single Hello confused him and entertained everyone else.

Caldarella, who is a public relations student at Auburn University from Atlanta, tweeted the screenshots of their exchange on Oct. 28. In the exchange, the guy, only identified as Matt, seemed to be hopeful of another chance with her, only to say, "I feel like you'll really regret saying this when you're sober."

Matt didn't stand a chance. You can see the tweets here.

Since the post has gone viral, Caldarella has since turned her Twitter profile to private.

Caldarella isn't the only one who is in love with Adele's first single in five years. The single's music video has more than 180 million views on YouTube.

The single was released on Oct. 22.

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