Phenix City leaders expect business growth

Phenix City leaders expect business growth

More than 100 new jobs and major retail expansions were music to the ears of Phenix City council members Tuesday, as council members had a busy morning, filled with expansions and booming business.

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - From a newly revealed city engineering building, to busy construction projects, changes are evident across town.

"Indicative of new jobs coming in, and new developments coming in, and in the long run we will all benefit from it," said Financial Director Stephen Smith. 

A lot of excitement at Tuesday's city council meeting surrounded the news that this year's White Water Classic brought in a total $770,000. The popular football game, concert, and surrounding events cost the city nearly $200,000, but ended with a $579,000 profit.

Phenix City leaders also discussed the more than 100 jobs expected to open up to residents with the expansion of six industries in and around the city.

"People want jobs and we want all our industries and we want our retailers to expand," said city manager, Wallace Hunter.

Council members also expect to see four major retail areas expanding in upcoming months and explain that pain in the neck traffic could actually be positive in the long run.

"It's inconvenient, you know when people have to detour around it, we've got a couple of bridges that will be being replaced here shortly, but it's an indicator of growth," said Smith.

"If I have to apologize for growth I'll apologize all day long because it's something that's positive and it takes time to get thing built," said Hunter.

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