Phenix City residents set to save on trash fees

Phenix City residence set to save on trash fees

"With the increase in the trash and debris that's still going to cost them more money but the great thing is we are negotiating a rebate that we can possibly do back to the citizens," said Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe said earlier this year, as city leaders worked to minimize the financial impact of budget changes set for 2016.

PHENIX CITY, AL - "Costs go up, and the city is a business and it has to be run in a business like manner," said Phenix City Financial Director Stephen Smith.

Now city officials say those efforts have paid off. The more than $36 million budget to operate all city functions this upcoming year was a million dollar, or 3.8 percent, increase compared to the previous year's budget, with a majority coming from taxes. That led to an increase in sewage rates and trash fees for Phenix City residents.

"You can only absorb cost increases so long, and like I said, our costs went up 22 percent, we only raised the fee eight percent," said Smith. 

However, through city negotiations Phenix City's financial director tells us they can now essentially cancel out the $1.40 increase residents were expected to pay come February.

Essentially, the garbage fee will stay at its original amount of $17 a month, even with changes to the budget.

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