Columbus expecting thousands for Fountain City Classic

Columbus expecting thousands for Fountain City Classic

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The 26th annual Fountain City Classic rivalry football game with Albany State and Fort Valley Universities is Saturday.

City officials say the events leading up to the game brings in thousand of people to the city.

"We're proud of the planning committee for the Fountain City Classic that think enough of our city. That want to show it off not just one day but multiple days," said Brian Anderson, President and CEO of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce

The game is expected to bring in 45,000 people according to the chamber.  Along with the big game those people will enjoy all that Columbus has to offer, bringing in more revenue for the city.

"Whether you live here on not. You're buying gas, meals, the hotels rooms. So all of that adds up to be quite a weekend," said Anderson.

We found some of those visitors and Columbus residents already in place for tailgating at the A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium.

Marcus Henderson and his friends have been tailgating for years and they say classic week and tailgating is a way to bring people closer together.

"It's a neighborhood affair for us. All the fellows in the neighborhood get together and feed the city and show them what we can do," said Henderson.

The chamber says they look forward to the everything surrounding one of the biggest football games in the fountain city.

"You got parades and evening parties. You got so many chances to come together to.have a good time," said Anderson.

The chamber also says the planning committee for the classic continues to build every year making it a longer celebration leading up to the football game.

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