Auburn residents protest new Dollar General store

Published: Nov. 10, 2015 at 4:13 AM EST|Updated: Nov. 10, 2015 at 4:18 PM EST
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AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Nearly 100 concerned Auburn homeowners are protesting a new Dollar General being built at the mouth of their subdivision.

Residents say they had no clue a Dollar General was being built at the front of their neighborhood until construction began last week

The piece of property where the Dollar General is going is in Lee County, and even though the Dollar General is just a few hundred feet away from Timberwood Subdivision, the neighborhood is in the city limits of Auburn.

Residents say they had no idea the Dollar General was being built, no notification, until construction began last Tuesday, November 3.

By Wednesday, November 4 the neighbors had formed a grass roots effort, saying this Dollar General is way too close to a bus stop and they worry about the safety of their children with the increased, nonresidential traffic.

They are also worried about their property values, a possible increase in crime and they say the Dollar General is an eyesore that can be seen from many of their homes.

"It has a large impact on us and it seems like the property rights of that one land owner is trumping the property rights of 105-110 residents in our community," said concerned resident Laura Bauer Meister.

We will continue following this story and bring you more details as they become available.

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