The future of St. Francis Hospital

Local doctors and business owners met Tuesday night to talk about the future of Saint Francis Hospital. They're supporting a possible buyout of the hospital to health company "Lifepoint" for nearly 270 million dollars.

This meeting included Saint Francis employees, physicians, Lifepoint officials and the Attorney General's Office.  Lifepoint Chairman and CEO Bill Carpenter talked to the crowd about his company's values and how they plan on improving the capital and continuing with what the hospital is already doing for the community and patients. 

Carpenter also explained they will not be eliminating any of the current services at St. Francis.
"What I have committed to and what the company is committed to is to hire everyone employee who works here on the day of the closing at the same rate of pay at the same years of service all of the things that they expect subject to that drug test and background check."

Lifepoint officials say they cannot commit to doing anything about past job layoffs. The public or employees have until Monday afternoon to speak up for any modifications to this deal, then the Attorney General's Office will write up the report in about 30 days. 
That too will be available to the public.

Life point officials tell Fox 54, if everything goes as planned, they plan on buying the hospital before the end of the year.

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