A house can become a home again for WWII vet

A house can become a home again for WWII vet

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Lending a helping hand comes natural for them, but accepting it in return is sometimes humbling for the veterans that the Columbus House of Heroes organization serves each year.

While they may have marched countless miles in their day, now the steps on their front porch can seem like mountains. For elderly or disabled veterans, the sometimes simple work by House of Heroes volunteers can mean the world.

"It's not long periods of work, you know they gave years of their lives to help and protect us, I can give a couple afternoons," said Jared Shields, a volunteer with the group.

By their tally, House of Heroes has had more than 900 volunteers from 43 teams overall this year, and they've worked more than 7,000 hours. Volunteers do all kinds of projects like install handicap ramps and fixtures, paint, and help with minor home repairs for elderly or disabled military veterans and retired public safety officers, all for free. 

On Tuesday, people from Northside Baptist Church worked on installing a handicap ramp for World War Two veteran, Sergeant John Dunnivant, or Mr. John as many call him, and his wife Florence.

While Mr. John was busy Monday during the construction, caring for his wife who is battling health issues, volunteers say they feel privileged to give back to someone who has given so much.

"He's always there for you, you know if I had asked him to build a ramp at my house, he would be there building the ramp at my house," said Shields.

If you would like to get involved, you can visit the House of Heroes website by clicking here.

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