Take precaution when using space heaters to avoid fires

Take precaution when using space heaters to avoid fires

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Keeping yourself warm this season can be a task and if you plan to use space heaters you'll want to take precautions to avoid a fire.

Georgia Power offers several tips for safe heater usage.

Officials say never leave heaters unattended and keep them away from flammable items such as fabric and paper. Experts say if you're using them instead of other heating systems in your home that may not be the best idea.

"They're not very efficient. People can use these for supplemental heat but they're not really as useful if you have central heat, a furnace, or heat pump. That's what you want to use instead of these," says Dean Jurecic with Georgia Power.

Jurecic says it's also important to avoid the use of extension cords with space heaters because that can cause overheating and could use more power than normal.  For more safety and energy saving tips go to their website at this link.

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