Opelika's Secret Santa pays layaways for holiday customers

Opelika's Secret Santa pays layaways for holiday customers

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - He knows when you are sleeping, and apparently knows where some of you shop.

Some lucky customers in Opelika's Tiger Town shopping center had their lay-a-way items taken care of by a Secret Santa, this came as a complete surprise to them.

"I was shocked when I got back there, I was like really.  I asked her like who, she was like it's just a Christmas gift so she asked me to take a picture with her," said one of the lucky customers Deablo Traylor.

Ten lucky customers were called to the Tiger Town TJ Maxx and told they had to discuss something about their layaway.

Some thought they missed a payment, others thought the store had completely lost their items but when they arrived none of these were the case.

"I called back and they said it was a Secret Santa and they gave it to us for free," said lucky customer Wanda Carr.

Some customers left the store with as many as 20 items for their children.

Traylor said that his items cost $160 and he would spend that money getting his daughter other Christmas presents that she need like boots and jackets for the winter.

This random act of kindness by an anonymous Secret Santa brought Cynthia Jackson to tears.

"It means a lot because whoever did it didn't have to do it.  And whoever you are, I thank you," Jackson said. "My kids thank you, their dad thanks you. My family thanks you because you didn't have to do that and you did it. Not only for me but for whoever else received something for a secret Santa."

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