Man sentenced to life in prison is now free

A man sentenced to life in prison in connection to the 1995 murder of a Columbus Brinks driver who was delivering cash to an Uptown bank is now free.

Jadeite Robinson has been in prison for almost 20 years for acting as a get-away driver when John Hamilton was killed.

Now, the Georgia Court of Appeals has reversed that judgment.

Robinson was believed to have helped Leon Toilette and Xavier Womack attempt to rob John Hamilton as he delivered money in a Brinks truck.

Toilette was sentenced to death for pulling the trigger and Womack is currently serving life in prison.

The news of Robinson's release is bringing up old wounds for the Hamilton family.

He was in Vietnam. If he had died there, it would have been for a reason, but this was because somebody was too lazy to work for a living, says the victim's wife Margaret Hamilton.
The family wishes they had more notice of Robinson's release and that the announcement hadn't come as a troubling surprise.

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