SafeHouse at Rose Hill Methodist open due to freezing temperatures

SafeHouse at Rose Hill Methodist open due to freezing temperatures

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With this week calling for some of the coldest nights of 2016, the SafeHouse at Rose Hill Methodist Church changed their daily operations to help aid the homeless community during this cold spell.

As the temperatures are supposed to hover around 20 degrees Tuesday morning and again Tuesday night, the SafeHouse will stay open through Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Generally the SafeHouse at Rose Hill Methodist Church opens for breakfast, lunch and diner to help serve the homeless folks of the fountain city. But Monday night they plan to have over 80 people spend the night.

With blankets and cots provided by the Red Cross, the SafeHouse has everything that they need to help these folks escape the frigid temperatures.

In addition to housing folks willing to make their way to the church, a group of volunteers went around the city trying to aid those who did not make it to the SafeHouse.  We accompanied these volunteers on several stops, the first of which was just off of JR Allen Parkway, which is where a tent city was set up.

Fortunately only one man was left there Monday night; the volunteers offered to bring him to the SafeHouse which he declined. They then provided the man with a blanket and some hot chocolate.  

The most populated area by homeless people we encountered was at 3rd Street and 17th Avenue. About 15 individuals were set up outside of an abandoned warehouse. The volunteers once again provided these people with blankets and hot chocolate.  

The SafeHouse will stay open until Wednesday at 2 when they anticipate temperatures will begin to climb back closer to normal.

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