New numbers reveals homeless problem in Columbus

New stats from Columbus homeless organizations show hundreds of people are living in shelters or on the streets of Columbus.

The 2016 Project Homelessness Connect expo offered all kinds of resources to those in need Friday, from employment opportunities to housing availability.

They also offered people haircuts and blood pressure check-ups. 
Employees with different organizations spent the week reeling in the latest stats, finding about 200 people are now either living in shelters or out on the streets of Columbus.
Out of those 200, many are military veterans. 
"These young men and women have gone and fought for our freedoms, to be able to live in a country where we are free to express ourselves, to go to school, and to practice the religion that we choose,and for them to come home and not have a place to call home, and not have a roof over their head....that's the least we can do," says Pat Frey, Executive Director of Home for Good.

VA Secretary, Robert McDonald visited Fort Benning last July, vowing to reduce veteran homelessness to zero.
While the area and country still sees the problem, Columbus was able to house 86 homeless vets last year alone.

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