AU professors develop virtual training system

AU professors develop virtual training system

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Defense and security organizations around the world are raving about a new virtual reality training system, developed by an Auburn University professor and his team.

Dr. Nels Madsen has been an AU professor for 38 years. He's in charge or Research and Development at Motion Reality Inc., a company founded by former AU professor Thomas McGlaughlini.

Together, the men are considered pioneers in motion capture 3D imaging for video games, Hollywood blockbusters and military training systems.
On Friday, he showed us their latest creation: Dauntless.

"What's awesome about it is that people can enhance their skill sets and their abilities in situation that in real live are quite threatening and dangerous and yet they can get better at it without being exposed to a high level of risk," Madsen said.

Dauntless transforms participants into three-dimensional avatars, allowing them to work through simulated missions in teams.

Its trainees wear wide field-of-view headsets, they carry weapons while engaging within a variety of virtual venues.

The system administers muscle stimulation, simulating injuries.

Dauntless follows VIRTSIM, the company's previous simulation system, which still used by the FBI.

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