Get your vehicle ready for spring break

Get your vehicle ready for spring break

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Families from around the valley in addition to most of the southern U.S. are set to hit the road for spring break in the coming weeks.

However, all those cars on the roads often lead to an increase in accidents or worse.

Law enforcement will be stepping up patrols on the roads in the coming weeks but there are things you can do on your own to ensure your safe travel.

News Leader 9 talked with tire engineers in Phenix City who say car maintenance is important to increase your chances for a safe road trip.

Making sure your vehicle is in its best condition before hitting the road can prevent car problems in the long run, and it can also help save lives.

"You should re-balance your tires about every 10,000 miles because as the tire wears it actually goes out of balance. As it goes out of balance it's going to cause irregular tire wear which could lead to blowout or failure," said Jason Kanoza, Director of Tire Operations for Tire Engineers.

Spring break is a few weeks away for some in west Georgia and east Alabama. People will be visiting beaches and waterways and you need to make sure your tires can handle all conditions.

"The heat buildup inside the tire from the friction on the road. As you travel it actually starts to deteriorate the rubber and over time it breaks the tire down and then if fails because of that," said Kanoza.

If teens and college students will be traveling alone, parents need to make sure a full safety check is performed on the car.

"Making sure they're no warning light on the dash board. No tire pressure monitoring lights on telling you tire pressures are low," said Kanoza.

Those inside the car also need to protect themselves from being ejected from the car if a crash happens.

"If you are inside a vehicle and you are not restrained and that vehicle overturns and a severe crash is involved, then the likelihood that you are going to be injured or killed goes way up," said Cpl. Jess Thornton, Alabama State Trooper.

A multi-state effort including the state patrol from Georgia and Alabama will aggressively patrol roadways, enforce state laws and assist motorists.

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