Gun violence incites fear in Phenix City neighborhoods

Gun violence incites fear in Phenix City neighborhoods

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Ongoing gun violence in Phenix City has residents on the south side of town living in fear in their own homes. The most recent incidents to incite an even greater uproar in the community happened Sunday around 8 p.m.

Captain Frank Ivey of the Phenix City Police Department said a 19-year-old was shot at the Heap Cheap Convenience Store and driven to the hospital by a private vehicle. He is in critical condition at Midtown Medical Center, where a huge crowd gathered after the shootings.

Police would not confirm where he was shot or how many times.

The call first came in and sent police to check out an incident at Meadowlane Park, where a party of some sort was going on. While police were there, they heard gunshots nearby and by the time they arrived to the store's parking lot, the victim had already been rushed to the ER.

The second shooting occurred about 20 minutes later on 10th Avenue South, less than a mile away from the first shooting.  In that shooting, a man was shot while sitting inside a vehicle, according to Capt. Ivey. He was treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

These shootings and constant gunfire in the neighborhood is causing some residents to take drastic measures to stay alive.

"We sleep during the day and stay up at night so we can get under our beds when the shooting starts," said a 74-year-old woman who was too afraid to go on camera.

We also spoke to a woman whose daughter lives in L. P. Stough Apartments where the second shooting happened. Brenda Thomas told News Leader 9 her daughter lives as a prisoner in her home.

"She comes home from work and she goes in and she locks up and she doesn't come out unless she's coming to my house," added Thomas.

Thomas said it doesn't make any sense as to why people have to live like this.

Police are still investigating the shootings. A motive has not been determined and police say they believe the shootings may be related due to the timing and close proximity of the incidents.

If you have any information on who the gunmen may be, you're asked to contact the Phenix City Police Department at 334-448-2800.

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