Deliberation delayed after witness communicates with jurors

Deliberation delayed after witness communicates with jurors

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Deliberations were interrupted in the second day of a Columbus murder trial after the judge learned a witness was communicating with jurors.

The jury must decide the fate of Christopher Whitaker, Christopher Pender, Tyrequiss Wells and Donald Fair, who face multiple charges including Malice Murder and Felony Murder for the shooting death of 34-year-old David Scott.

On Tuesday afternoon, one of the jurors told the judge that Latissa Murry, the girlfriend of one of the suspects who testified early in the trial, approached her twice to have small talk and asked to use a lighter for her cigarette.

Judge Rumer has constantly instructed the jury throughout the trial to not discuss the case with anyone, so when the juror took the stand Tuesday afternoon to address the incident, she told the courtroom she just wanted to be honest and that Murry's actions made her feel uncomfortable.

"During the time that you testified did you sit with or small talk with any jurors?" asked Christopher Williams with the District Attorney's Office.

"I don't remember, any other questions?" said Murry.

Murry became very hostile after she was questioned by the judge and was asked to leave the courtroom.

The juror said that the incident would not affect her ability to judge the case.

The jury was released for the day and will resume deliberating at 9 a.m Wednesday morning.

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