Jordan Jenkins works out in 'intense' Georgia Pro Day

Jordan Jenkins works out in 'intense' Georgia Pro Day

ATHENS, GA (WTVM) - From his days at Harris County to his time between the Hedges, Jordan Jenkins is no stranger to intensity.  That all pales in comparison to his experience on Wednesday in front of NFL Scouts at Georgia's Pro Day.

"Honestly, it's almost more intense," Jenkins said. "This is your job now. This is an interview and it's still fun in a manner of speaking. No matter how tired I am, it's still fun being back out here on the field."

It's intense, not just for Jordan, but his family as well. His mom, dad and sister in attendance, feeling the pressure along with him.

"It's hard to keep quiet up here, but we try, we do our best, but it is what it is," Jordan's mom Phyleshia said.

"We're proud of him," Ronald Jenkins said, the dad of Jordan Jenkins.

"It is very stressful because a lot of people don't understand the magnitude of some of these events,"  Ronald Jenkins said.

Draft Day will have just as much of an impact on Jordan's father.

"It's a dream come true," Ronald said. "I had surgery on my neck so I couldn't play, so he's healed wounds for me over time. It's just unbelievable. It's the best feeling in the world."

For Jordan, his dad in the stands is like having another coach.

"He's an intense guy, he used to make me late for practice so I'd have to do bear crawls and extra sprints. He's like a drill sergeant," Jordan said.

But it's all to help his dream of playing on Sundays become a reality.

"We just want him to do his best in everything he does," his dad said.

Jordan improved on most of his combine numbers, finishing with the longest broad jump and highest vertical leap on the team.  He has a couple of workouts with teams next week. From there, it's on to Draft Day where he waits to hear his NFL future.

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