Star of 'Hoarders' TV show visits Columbus to help people with hoarding disorder

Star of 'Hoarders' TV show visits Columbus to give tips on spring cleaning

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Spring is here and for many, that means Spring cleaning!

Matt Paxton, star of the lifetime TV show "Hoarders" teamed up with Service Master Clean Thursday to help members of the Valley who may suffer from the hoarding disorder.

It's the time that many look to clean, but as many as 15 million Americans simply can't because of this disorder.

The purpose of this event at the Civic Center is to help identify solutions for those who may suffer because of hoarding.

"Let that person know you love them and you have to be patient. Just because you're ready for the hoarder to change does not mean they are ready. They only way to cure hoarding is through therapy and educated cleanup. You have to get the therapy first and then you call a professional like Service Master to help clean after the therapy," Matt Paxton said, the host of Hoarders.

This is event was part of a number of others going on around the U.S.

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