WTVM Editorial 4/8/16: Judges speak truth to teens

WTVM Editorial 4/8/16: Judges speak truth to teens

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In Macon, there is a new video superstar.

Her name is Judge Verda Colvin, and her recent lecture to a special group of at risk kids about the grim consequences of a life of crime or other poor life choices was posted online and immediately went viral.

A Superior Court judge and a single mom, Colvin told the kids in her courtroom who are part of a special diversion program that jail is a place of unspeakable violence and fear.

Judge Colvin showed the teens a body bag, warning them they could well end up dead if they didn't start respecting themselves and others.

The judge's heartfelt and very direct message brought some of the teenagers to tears.

Judge Colvin is part of bib county's program called "consider the consequences" and the teens who sign up must put on a prison jumpsuit, visit a jail cell, and write letters of apology to their families and agree to follow up counseling to make sure the message sticks.

Every community should have a Judge Colvin.

In Columbus, Superior Court Judge Gil McBride told a group of National Honor students at Chattahoochee County High School that Georgia's mandatory attendance rules will help every student have a shot at success.

As Judge McBride told them, the essence of perfect attendance is to get the benefit of school, first by always showing up.

These two judges are speaking the truth to teens. Their message is simple, but profound: have self-respect, follow the rules, and use your God-given talents to build a foundation for a solid life.

It's a message needed more now than ever.

We hope everyone is listening.

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