Ft. Benning to host 33rd annual Best Ranger Competition

Ft. Benning to host 33rd annual Best Ranger Competition

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - Fort Benning is gearing up for the 33rd Annual Best Ranger Competition this week.

The teams settled down for the competition that starts on Friday, April 15.

Fifty-one teams consisting of two soldiers each will participate in the competition.

Soldiers were able to get an introduction to the course they will be expected to compete in.

Former Best Ranger competitor Captain Alex Graves says all of the training and practice doesn't prepare them for what is ahead.

"It's pretty surreal coming down here," Capt. Graves said. "It's not something you can easily mimic, with all of the crowds coming around. The heat for one and the emotions going into the competition is something that is very hard to replicate."

The competition consists of running, swimming and shooting, among other activities.

Organizers say there will also be some surprises when the competition starts.

The event wraps up Sunday, April 17 and the awards ceremony will be held Monday, April 18.

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