Columbus resource session helps parents monitor children's online use

Columbus resource session helps parents monitor children's online use

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the use of technology grows, so do the concerns, especially for parents. Columbus community leaders say the ages of the children being exposed to inappropriate content online is getting younger and younger.

"I think our children are being exposed to, too much, too soon and things that were taboo for us as children are the norm of conversation for them," says Conitras Moore Pastor at Greater Ward Chapel AME.

Common ways children are exposed include friends or classmate sharing the links to inappropriate sites and the child clicks on a pop up or someone shares the inappropriate content on their social media account.

Moore says she's offering a series of resource sessions to teach parents about the different apps, filters and parental blocks that are available to help
shield children from inappropriate content on the internet.

"I would have to say we have had incidents involving inappropriate material from elementary, middle school to high school and that is a real issue," says Valerie Fuller Communications Director with the Muscogee County School District.

Fuller agrees that this issue is impacting children as young as six or seven.

"With the growing and vase scope of technology our children are being exposed to all different things on the internet," says Moore.

The Muscogee County Juvenile Prosecutor says parents should also be aware it is illegal in the state of Georgia to electronically furnish obscene materials to a minor, even if it's from another minor.

Here are some quick tips for parents:

  • Set up a separate account for your children.
  • Bookmark their favorite sites to eliminate random browsing
  • Add a filter and password to your wifi signal
  • Block certain sites from the device itself
  • Check browser history frequently
  • Limit the amount of time children are on their device

The first parent resource session will be held May 1, at Greater Ward Chapel AME located at 1330 Talbotton Road. If you would like to register or to sign up to have the resources sent by mail call 706-324-6944.

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