Feds request parking spaces be eliminated in Uptown Columbus

Feds request parking spaces be eliminated in Uptown Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The convenience of parking in front of the United States Post Office and Courthouse in Uptown Columbus is about to become a thing of the past.

A consultant for the Federal Marshal's office sent an email to Columbus city officials recently, requesting the removal of all five parking spaces on 12th Street and designating one handicapped parking spot in the next section of parking spaces heading toward Front Avenue.

The federal government is tightening security measures around its facilities to avoid easy access to terrorists, according to authorities.

It requires a 50-foot clearance at federal buildings but the move in Columbus would only yield 46-feet of space from the street to the front doors of the structure.

Councilor Judy Thomas would like to see the three remaining parking spaces in that same section near the black gated fence designated as 15 minute parking limits. A survey will be conducted by city engineers to determine whether or not Thomas' ideas is feasible.

We asked people out in Columbus on Wednesday afternoon what they thought about the changes.

"I don't use the parking spaces, but I know a lot of people do use the parking spaces, so unless they provide an alternative I don't think it's a good idea," one woman said. 

"That will be a problem because a lot of times people want to come and go as they please and they will have to find a parking spot around the corner," one man said. 

"And if they have to park around the side I think it's dangerous over there because people hang around there sometimes," said another woman. "I think people should park in the front."

Even though the mandate came from the federal government, Columbus city workers will have to get the job done.

Donna Newman, Director of Engineering, said you should expect to see "no parking" signs posted within three weeks.

Parking spaces located across from the post office in front of 12th Street Deli, the Black Cow and other businesses along the strip will not be affected.

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