Carver High Coach dubbed as 'life coach' on and off the field

Carver High Coach dubbed as 'life coach' on and off the field

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Coach David Pollard showed up for work as normal on Monday morning at Carver High School to teach his Special Education class and to prepare for a baseball game.

But things went all too wrong around 1 p.m. on Monday when the driver of a stolen car careened through an intersection at Buena Vista and Andrews Roads, causing a collision with Pollard's car and another vehicle in east Columbus.

Principal Chris Lindsey of Carver High got the news from one of the school's secretaries, whose father had ironically been involved in the same accident as Coach Pollard in the third vehicle.

Both rushed to the scene and then onto the hospital where they, along with Pollard's family, received the grim news that Pollard had succumbed to his injuries.

On Tuesday, cameras were allowed in the school and on the diamond where Pollard spent a lot of his time, shaping and molding young athletes.

"He inspired young people to be the best they can be," said Lindsey.

Pollard joined 'Tiger Country' four years ago, but his job spanned far beyond books.

"Last year we started, ILT--Individual Learning Time and Coach Pollard, took it own and he focused on developing young people into becoming productive," Lindsey added. 

Pollard would often bring in different motivational speakers to encourage students as well and those who mentored him, like former Shaw High School football coach Charles Flowers where Pollard attended school.

"I will remember is dedication level, he had a tremendous work ethic, always positive, always wanting to learn. I knew he would be a great coach because he paid close attention to detail," said Flowers.

Pollard wanted to start a baseball tournament this summer. He always talked about the challenges of baseball not being strong at Carver, according to Flowers.

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