Proposed budget for the City of Columbus

The city of Columbus has a new budget proposal for 2017, one which could break a more-than a decade habit of dipping into reserve funds.

Tuesday Mayor Teresa Tomlinson spoke before the city council detailing a 270 million dollar budget that would spare the city from using any reserve funds.

The new budget comes at a 43-hundred dollar increase from the 2016 budget.

But the mayor tells us, despite this seemingly good news, there are still some hurdles to overcome. "There still are plenty of challenges, and so we did address the aquatic center which has been a big point of discussion for our community, we have further health care reform we have to do, we did provide a two percent cost of living adjustment for our employees which is a pay adjustment", Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson told News Leader Nine.

Again, this is just a proposal for 2017.The council will have a chance to evaluate this budget proposal next month.

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