Exclusive: CPD body cam footage of alleged killer's arrest

Exclusive: CPD body cam footage of alleged killer's arrest

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - During a preliminary motions hearing on Thursday, the District Attorney's office presented officer body cam footage of the moments before a Columbus man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and infant son was arrested. 

Brandon Conner is facing murder charges for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend Rosella Mitchell and setting her home on fire, killing Mitchell and their 6-month-old son Dylan Mitchell.

In the footage presented during motion hearings, you can hear the conversation between the officer and Conner:

Officer: Do you have a kid?
Defendant: Yea
Officer: You do? How many?
Defendant: Two for sure, and one not for sure.

Later in the video, Conner discloses the reason he broke up with Mitchell.

"I dated Rose for three months in 2007, and I left her for the woman the mother of my twins," said Conner.

Officers who arrested Conner testified Thursday that they found a yellow dishwashing glove dripping with blood in the backseat of Conner's BMW, along with a cigarette lighter and baby wipe with blood on it. 

Conner's defense attorneys Mark Shellnut and William Kendrick argued that their client was never read his Miranda Rights.

The District Attorney's office previously announced its plan to seek the death penalty in this case.

Conner has asked that frequent breaks be taken because he suffers from a back injury and can't sit down for long periods of time. 

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