Calvary Christian School thanks law enforcement for service

Published: Apr. 29, 2016 at 10:36 PM EDT|Updated: May. 1, 2016 at 4:43 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Several law enforcement agencies showed up at Calvary Christian School in Columbus on Friday to teach students a valuable lesson.

The entire school interacted with law enforcement in a positive way for the Second Annual Law Enforcement Awareness and Appreciation Day. 
It's to make students aware of the different law enforcement agencies in the community and for them to understand the steps they take to keep them safe.

Law enforcement is "to protect and serve" and many times without a thank you; however, Calvary students now have a better understanding of an officer's job day in and day out.

"Just do the right thing and know the law and ignorance of the law is not an excuse," said Dalton Williams, junior at Calvary Christian School

During the day, the entire student body of the K-12 school was able to talk with officers and get inside their cars and check out their equipment.

"Tactical type units that the kids really enjoy interacting and seeing some of those toys that they those agencies have available to the kids. It's a great exposure all around for the law enforcement community that the kids are able to get a broader perspective of the different types of officers that are able to serve our area," said Dr. Ricky Smith, Headmaster of Calvary Christian School.

Students are also thinking about possible careers in law enforcement.

"You get to learn about all the different law enforcement but my favorite is the Game Warden or Department of Natural Resources," said Williams.

Members of law enforcement say it makes them proud to know they can be role models to students.

"For me, it's a rewarding career. You see the best and the worst in people. You get to make a positive impact starting at this younger age. It drives the message home," said Phillip Ellis, Trooper 1st Class for GSP.

High school students also received some serious lessons on the consequences of drunk driving and receiving a DUI.

"The typical question is, 'What does the backseat feel like, what does handcuffs feel like,' this is not a scare straight program, this is a program to show a lighter side to law enforcement. That we are not that mean guy on the road, we're not that guy giving tickets. We're that guy to help you, help your family and help everybody else in the public," said Ellis.

Students were also able to see a canine unit bite demonstration by the the Pine Mountain Police Department.

Sheriffs from Alabama and Georgia and police departments from several precincts and special units such as the Musocgee County Marshal's office, the Department of Natural Resources and the troopers from Alabama and Georgia participated in the event.

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