Georgia Power provides tips for severe summer weather

Georgia Power provides tips for severe summer weather

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Summer storm season has arrived, according to Georgia Power, as heavy rain, wind and lightning hit parts of the state this past weekend.

They're concerned about your safety before, during and after severe weather.

Summer is known for occasional pop-up showers and sometimes severe weather.

With 41 Georgia Power trucks in the Fountain City, workers are always ready to respond to the needs of customers.

The weeks are flying by and summer will be here soon, but not every day will be sunny skies because of occasional severe weather. Georgia Power wants to make sure you're safe during a storm.

"If there is a lot of lightning in the area, you may want to turn off your air conditioning. Maybe unplug some expensive appliances because you may get a power surge that comes in from the lighting," said Robert Watkins of Georgia Power.

While you may have the urge to clean up after a storm, never try to do the job of power workers.

"Please don't try to clear debris with power lines entangled in them. Let us come and do that. If you see an area where we just had a storm and there is debris and trees, don't go in there avoid that until we can get there and make it safe. Cause you never know where a power line may be hiding," said Watkins.

Some other tips to remember include never touch a low hanging wire, including telephone or TV wires that touch a power line. Never try to make your own electrical repairs to Georgia Power equipment and never pull tree limbs off of power lines yourself.

If the weather is severe enough, you'll see more trucks and workers throughout the city making sure power is quickly restored.

"We go to the hospital first and then the water works. They can't be without power. Those are priority and then after that we start working the largest cases of trouble where we can get the most people on and work our way down," said Watkins. 
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