Miranda rights violation center of Brandon Conner's pretrial hearing

Miranda rights violation center of a double murder pretrial hearing

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A motions hearing Wednesday to establish what evidence Judge Rumer will allow into an upcoming double murder trial quickly turned into a debate about Miranda rights.

Brandon Conner is accused of killing Rosella Mitchell and their infant son Dylan and then setting Mitchell's house on fire.

The victims who were burned beyond recognition inside of their Columbus home August of 2014 deserve justice and the DA has previously announced she'll be seeking the death penalty.

However, if evidence presented by defense attorney's Shellnut and Kendrick, reveals Brandon Conner was not read his Miranda rights when he was arrested then some of the critical evidence police collected from him during the time of his arrest could be thrown out.

The DA's office countered saying  police have the ability and leeway to ask questions if it is a matter of public safety or what's called a second tier encounter. Police testified that Conner's false statements to police in addition to other physical evidence like blood on his shirt was sufficient probable cause to arrest him.

Before a date can be set for the trial, the judge told attorneys to submit their proposals by May 25th. After that Judge Rumer says attorneys will have two weeks to any final modifications.

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