Rash of break-ins affects Columbus business, charity

Rash of break-ins affects Columbus business, charity

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - There have been three break-ins during the past month at East Coast Body Shop, and the shop's owner Chester Jackson is fed up.

Jackson not only owns East Coast Body shop but also runs The Wishing Well, a local charity that helps children throughout the valley.

As a part of this charity, Jackson helps mentor young men in the community and believes this is one of the boys he used to mentor.  

"Absolutely they came in through the fence which is fine to come in through the fence, but we know who you are," said Jackson about the person who he believes has now broken into his business multiple times.  

The Wishing Well also donates thousands of bikes to children in the valley during the holiday season.

"Which is a mentoring program that he would kind of have the tutelage and the foundation of Boy Scouts of America, but everything that he does from the bikes to all the sponsors that come and help us do what his mission is which is to help the kids in the community," said Nicole Buffong, the PR Director for The Wishing Well.  

At the end of the day, Jackson has a passion to help the kids of Columbus, and these break ins are only strengthening his drive to better the community.

"It makes me want to go even harder, and it doesn't deter me from what i am determined to do," said Jackson.

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