Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive starts Saturday

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive starts Saturday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The largest one day food drive in the nation is Saturday and a Columbus food bank and local postal workers will team up to fight hunger in our area.

It's the 24th year for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, and all it takes is a bag of food to help feed another person or family in the community.

Feeding the Valley Food Bank in Columbus provides food to hundreds of people in the Valley region.

Warehouse Coordinator Margalena Remington was once a recipient of food boxes from the facility.

"I know how important it is to wonder what are you going to have for dinner. The churches and the shelter that come to get the food they are able to feed those people and it helps out tremendously," said Remington. 

The organization will get a boost in their stock Saturday with the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

"Around Christmas and Thanksgiving we get lots of donations but people don't donate as much and during the summer we need it more, cause you have more kids out of school and more people are hungry," said Remington. 

To Stamp Out Hunger, it takes everyone's help in the community.
Letter carriers are asking residents to set aside non-perishable food items by their mailboxes for them to pickup during their regular routes. They are hoping to fill up a semi truck with food.

"Last year we got about 60,000 pounds of which helped to feed about 47,000 families with that food, and we want to thank the community for that and we also want to thank the post office cause they take a hot day and bag it all up," said Remington. 

The food donated and collected will become a great help to agencies in 14 surrounding counties in west Georgia and agencies in Russell County.

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They will then distribute the food boxes to those who need them the most.

You don't have to use the special bag that was put in your mailboxes this week, you can use any other type of bag of your preference.