VictoryLand Owner Speaks Publically

Tuskegee and the surrounding area came out strong to show their support for VictoryLand as work continues to get it back up and running.

VictoryLand owner, Milton McGregor says it will reopen this summer.

He spoke in front of a big crowd at the Tuskegee Municipal Complex Thursday night.

Mcgregor also shot down a rumor that information belonging to those who've applied for jobs at VictoryLand had been lost saying VictoryLand's computers did not crash.

He also expressed his excitement about the progress being made.

"We have 2000 jobs. We have millions of dollars that we need for our schools, our city, our county, and we're going to fight for that. That's the message we're sending to the Attorney General and the rest of the state," Mayor Johnny Ford said.
Mcgregor says once the machines are properly tested and certified by the sheriff and district attorney hiring and training can begin.

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