Another Columbus home invasion leaves neighbors unsettled

Another Columbus home invasion leaves neighbors unsettled

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It was a scary early morning for several Columbus residents after a home invasion and robbery left a person in the hospital.

For the second time in less than a week, another home invasion ended with a person shot multiple times in Columbus.

This time, police are investigating an incident at a home on Saint Mary's Road. Neighbors say there were several people inside the home during the incident, and they heard the gunshots and screams coming from the home.

"From what my nephew told me, he was sleep and all of the commotion that went on, I don't know. But when he woke up and came down he seen my son shot on the floor and one of the guys with him was trying to tie the wound off," said Henry Stephens, father of Irwin Sampson, who was injured.

Stephens is trying to figure out how his son was severely injured during a home invasion and so are Columbus Police.

An early morning call of a home invasion and shooting led officers to a home at the 55-hundred block of St. Mary's Road to find Irvin Sampson with multiple gunshots.

"He left arm is shattered, one shot above the knee cap. He got hit in both his legs and both his arms," said Stephens.

But police say he's expected to make a full recovery after surgery. Several of those bullets shattered the back window of the home but then went into the next door neighbor's house.

Residents inside say no one was hurt but they were scared for their lives after hearing all the commotion from next door.

"Why would someone come by that time of morning and endanger other people and shoot him like that. I don't understand that," said Stephens.

So far police haven't released a motive for the incident. Call the Robbery and Assault division of the Columbus Police Department if you have any other information about this crime.

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