MCSB hosts final meeting of the school year

MCSB hosts final meeting of the school year

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Monday night was the last time the Muscogee County School Board will meet before the students head off for summer vacation.

They began with a wrap-up of the 2016 school year recognizing various teachers for their excellence in the classroom.

From there the board transitioned into their agenda looking to continue the same excellence.  

First on the list was various Tax Allocation Districts; the board voted unanimously to pass all four. These TADs will help raise funds to ensure the upkeep and development of Benning Technology Park, Liberty District, River District and City Village.

"Can be beneficial for our city and in turn because of that the possibility of enhancing those properties obviously that will have an impact for us based on future revenue generation based on the improvement of those properties," said Dr. David Lewis the Muscogee County Superintendent.  

In addition to approving TADs, four officials were promoted to leadership positions.  Ania Burnett becomes the principal at Lonnie Jackson Academy, Stacie Day takes over as the Principal at Arnold Middle School, Dr. Suryea Henry steps in as the Assistant Principal at Shaw High, and last Ben Broughton will be the new School Improvement Gr ant Administrator.

Many of them are products of the Muscgoee County School System themselves.

"Well we always consider the qualifications first. We want to make sure we have good quality individuals to fill these positions. So it is always very important to make sure we have the best qualified candidate," said Dr. Lewis. "Each school has its own unique DNA so there for we are looking for individuals that fit the needs of the school and their strengths that would match with that along with the rest of the administrative team.  So it is a very inclusive process considering many factors."

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