Columbus mayor leads the way in Bicycle Week

Columbus mayor leads the way in Bicycle Week

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - If you noticed dozens of bicyclists riding through the city of Columbus on Tuesday evening, it's all part of Bicycle Week.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson rode along with bikers Tuesday evening for the "Bike with the Mayor" event, which is one of the activities planned throughout the week to help promote cycling and safety.

Other events planned this week include the "Ride of Silence" on Wednesday with the ride starting at the Columbus Museum.

Friday will be "Bike to Work Day." Start points for riders will be: Fall-Line Trace at Manchester Expressway and Hannan Elementary or across from Oxbow Meadows on the Riverwalk.

This is the eighth year the city of Columbus has participated in bicycle week and the sixth ride with the Mayor.

"Events of Bicycle Week just help promote and help show citizens that the city is active in engaging in bicycling and engaging in education in bicycle safety, promoting cycling among this community but also making Columbus a bicycle tourism destination," said Julio Portillo the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner.

Mayor Tomlinson told cyclists Columbus is a bronze level bike-friendly community, but added the city is shooting to do better and become a silver level community.

City officials also unveiled a three-foot traffic sign to remind motorists that they should be at least three feet away from cyclists.

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