Voters meet Muscogee Co. judicial candidates at forum

Voters meet Muscogee Co. judicial candidates at forum

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - The polls for Muscogee County voters will be open in exactly one week, and Tuesday night some candidates gathered to give their last pitch to the people on why they are the candidate that should be elected.

Seven candidates had representation at the forum. They are vying for Superior Court Judge, Municipal Court Judge, Superior Court Clerk and Municipal Court Clerk. 

To start, the candidates were asked what makes them qualified for each respective position.

"I believe the citizens of Muscogee county need to start believing in the justice system again. And they need to have a candidate to believe in, and that candidate is me," said Cynthia Maisano Candidate for Judge of Municipal Court.

Sylvia Hudson, running for Clerk of Municipal Court said, "And working in municipal court office has made me a strong individual and I have developed a great sense of compassion, love and respect for people."

Following opening remarks, specific questions were posed to candidates for judge and clerk positions. The judges were asked what role integrity plays in the court room.

"Integrity is simply about doing what is right no matter who it affects or what the outcome may be," said Alonza Whitaker Candidate for Judge of Superior Court.

"So integrity involves knowing that the court is not about you, it is about the people before you. And being as fair as you can about giving them  their full day in court so that they can no win or lose the judge heard me," said Steven Smith Incumbent Judge of Municipal Court.

The clerks where then asked about the $100,000 salary and if that made any impact on their pursuit of office.

"When I applied for this position I did not know how much it paid nor did I even care about it because i thought it was more me donating my time to do the work," said Ann Hardman Candidate for Clerk of Superior Court. 

Linda Pierce Incumbent Clerk of Superior Court had this to say, "I also think it is a responsibility to make sure you have the skills and the experience necessary to make sure you can do the job to the best of your ability for the citizens of this county."

Lastly, Vivian Criehgton Bishop could not make it to the forum but had a representative say a few words on her behalf.  "Like i said she has been there for 24 year we all know what she is about and what she can do in that office, so once again make your vote for her on May 24th," said Ms. Bishop's representation Reggie Thompson.

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