Columbus teen drives 100+ people to vote

Columbus teen drives 100+ people to vote

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus teen is going above and beyond to encourage his classmates and other young voters to get to the polls, as early voting is in full swing for a slew of Muscogee positions like sheriff and school board seats.

"During the last two primaries going on I've been taking a lot of friends and family to come vote, well over a hundred," said David Smith who has taken on the challenge of packing the polls.

This includes friends and family who need a ride to cast their ballot, or who need a nudge to vote at all.

"It's a combination of different people, it is people who need a ride to the polls, my friends who don't have that ride. It's also people who need a little nudge. Young people have a bad tendency not to go out and vote, not to care about local elections but I try to instill in them, I say hey this is an important race whoever you vote for."

Smith has also registered more than 200 teens at Columbus High to be able to vote. He says he hopes to inspire young voters that their voice matters, and get them interested in what's going on in the world around them.

The teen will even show first time voters the ropes, by going into the Citizens Service Center with them and explaining the process.

"You take them in there and it's very intimidating at first but you just show them, hey you go in and you sign here, get your card, make sure you've got your IDs and you go in and you vote and it's a very powerful experience for them. They really feel like they're contributing something to the community," Smith said. 

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