Kyle Clinkscales, a 22-year-old Auburn University student, went missing in January 1976, after working at the Moose Club in LaGrange. His parents never heard from him again.

Troup County authorities now have a suspect in custody, and more details are being released.

These past 29 years have been hard on John and Louise Clinkscales. Kyle was pressumed dead after disappearing into thin air. Now, thanks to the Troup County Sheriff's Deparment and an anonymous tip, they know what happened to their son.

It all began one winter's night after he got off work.

"He left to go back to Auburn from the Moose Club, which is the normal thing to do, and that's the last contact we've had," said John.

Kyle was John and Louise's only child, and they said he was a caring person.

"He just thought of other people. He was liked by all of his peers. If he had an enemy, we didn't know it," Louise said.

For some unknown reason, Ray Hyde may be the one responsible for his death. Troup County Sheriff Donny Turner said the man they arrested Wednesday morning, 63-year-old Jimmy Earl Jones, has a few answers.

"He had just arrived at Ray Hyde's residence, and it seemed like Clinkscales had been shot at that time. He said Ray had asked him to get him into his shop. So, he grabbed one arm, and Ray grabbed one arm and drug him into his shop," said Turner.

They've never found Kyle's body, but before Hyde passed away in 2001, he told Jones where he'd hidden it.

"He confirmed that Hyde had told him that he placed him in a lake, later went back and removed him from the lake," Turner said. "He said he put him in another location where no one would ever find him."

Even though there's now been an arrest after all these years, Kyle's parents say this still doesn't bring full closure.

"It won't ever be completely closed until all of the questions about it are answered, and we're not sure when that will happen, if it ever will happen," John said.

Authorities have searched the lake Hyde spoke of, and they found the place where Kyle's body was buried. They've even searched Hyde's old salvage yard, but have yet to find the remains or the car Kyle was driving.

Sheriff Turner says they have more interviews to conduct, and those will hopefully offer more clues.

--Written by: Brock Parker