Paintball incident may have led to death of Stone Creek Ct. resident

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Paintball incident may have led to death of Stone Creek Ct. resident

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man playing paintball in a military neighbor's backyard may have led to his death a week ago, according to new police testimony revealed in court Tuesday.

Timothy Tarr, the suspect accused of killing Alcides Washington on Stone Creek Court, was back in a Columbus courtroom after the hearing was delayed on Friday.

Timothy Tarr plead not guilty to murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.
Several witnesses say alcohol was being consumed at Tarr's home, and Washington was there along with several other people. Witnesses say while people were drinking, no one appeared intoxicated.

Washington was installing ceiling fans to one of the rooms of the home. A Columbus detective testified at one point Washington was shooting paintball targets in Tarr's backyard.
He was asked to stop several times by other witnesses at the home.
On the last attempt to get him to stop, Tarr went into the backyard of his home and asked Washington to again stop while Tarr removed his pistol from his holster.

Police say Washington turned towards Tarr with the paintball gun and that's when Tarr shot Washington in the right eye.

The family of Washington's says the victim was a good husband and father and neighbor, constantly lending a helping hand. And they are waiting on all the facts to be presented in the case.

"On the day Alcides was murdered, he was at the Tarr home installing ceiling fans. You would often hear neighbors comment on Alcides was lending a helping hand to his neighbors. Sadly, his lending hand has cost him his life," said Leland Sharp, father in law of Alcides Washington.

Washington was a worker for AT&T and leaves behind six boys.

Tarr is being held without bond and the case will go to Superior Court for a bond hearing.

Tarr's attorney says the shooting was accidental and doesn't agree with the murder charge.  

"He did not intent to shoot his friend and so he was in shock and he immediately froze, placed he hands above his head and waited for law enforcement to arrive," said Jennifer Curry, Defense Attorney.

Curry says her client has many years of military training and has been with the military police at Fort Benning for 34 years.    

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