TRAFFIC STOP SURPRISE: West Point soldier comes home from Iraq

TRAFFIC STOP SURPRISE: West Point soldier comes home from Iraq

WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) - Three cop cars pulled over a West Point mother Wednesday morning as she left her apartment to volunteer at a summer feeding program for children.

However, the traffic stop turned out to be an elaborate plan to surprise her with her son's early homecoming from Iraq.

With balloons and roses in hand, Army Staff Sergeant Salomon Robinson loaded up for an early morning stake out with West Point officers just hours after his long flight from an overseas deployment.

West Point Police Chief Tony Bailey waited for Robinson's mother to leave her apartment Wednesday morning, then gave the cue to other officers standing by.

Police dashcam caught the entire thing, which started with the following conversation:

Officer: Good morning ma'am.
Claudette Hutchinson: Good morning sir.
Officer: You guys are just leaving, right?
Claudette Hutchinson: Yes sir.
Officer: I've got Valley behind us, the PD. Your car wasn't involved in a hit and run was it?

That's when Officer Cameron Mitchell walks back to his car and hands Robinson his mother's ID.

"I said ma'am come out, let me show you the damage that we're talking about," explained Mitchell. "I found a little scratch on her car and I said, 'you see that right there,' they reported that there was a little bit of damage.

She said, "well that's been on there for a while."

That is when Mitchell says, "Okay, well my partner's going to bring your license back in just a second," and Robinson springs out of the patrol car with gifts and hugs.

Robinson has just two weeks before he must return to Iraq for another year.

"I'm going to kill him, he got me good! I'm glad to see him though," said his surprised mother Claudette Hutchinson with tears rolling down her face.

"This young man coming home, after serving three deployments protecting us and our freedoms, I don't think there was a single request this young man had that we shouldn't make happen," said Bailey.

"It was a great experiment to see her reaction, and happiness, and joy, and tears," said Robinson.

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