Closing statements begin in Hubbard trial

Alabama House Speaker, Mike Hubbard could soon learn his fate as closing arguments began Thursday in his ethics trial.

The prosecution was up first and didn't mince words.

A state prosecutor told jurors that Hubbard repeatedly and knowingly broke state ethics laws.

Deputy Attorney General Michael Duffy said in closing arguments that Hubbard used the power and prestige of his political positions to make money.

Duffy said Hubbard was able to maintain his income and lifestyle through the money he obtained that way.

"You can get to judge the credibility of that evidence, and we submit to you we have proven beyond reasonable doubt, that the defendant is guilty of violating the ethics law 23 separate occasions," Deputy Attorney General Mike Duffy told News Leader Nine.
The Defense will give the second round of closing arguments while the Prosecution will have one last say before the case heads to the jury.
The jury could start their deliberations on whether Hubbard violated ethics laws by Friday.

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