Town hall discusses impact of removing troops from Ft. Benning

VIDEO: Town hall meeting discusses impact of removing Ft. Benning troops

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Monday night, people from around the Chattahoochee Valley gathered at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce to hear a presentation from Matrix Design Group about the economic impact of drawing back troops from Fort Benning.

The order to take troops out of Fort Benning came from the federal level following the reduction of spending by the federal government.

Officials gave an estimate on just how impacted the local economy could be by the reduction at Fort Benning.

"That is going to impact the economy by $700 million or $800 million," said Sal Nodjomian, Executive Vice President of Matrix Design Group.

Despite the order coming down from the federal government, the impact that it has locally drew the attention of two Columbus city council members.

Bruce Huff and Walker Garrett were in attendance during Matrix Design Group's presentation.

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