U.K. Google searches show Brexit regret on massive scale

U.K. Google searches show Brexit regret on massive scale

(RNN) - The British are feverishly searching Google trying to find out what the European Union is the day after they voted to leave it.

"What is the EU?" is the second-most searched question in the U.K. since the passing of Brexit, the referendum to leave the market, which sent world financial markets into a tailspin.

The top-searched question, "What does it mean to leave the EU?" is a question that remains to be answered as the British pound plummeted against other currencies, and Scotland and Northern Ireland rumbled about leaving the U.K. so they can rejoin.

@GoogleTrends published multiple indications that more than a few Britons didn't have the foggiest notion what they voted for when they ticked the "Leave" box on Thursday's ballot.

The query "Are we in or out of the EU?" spiked 2,450 percent, first among the many indicators that there was an utter lack of understanding regarding what the referendum was about.

Many voters were surprised to wake up Friday morning to learn that Prime Minister David Cameron had resigned.

"Who will replace David Cameron?" and "Has David Cameron resigned?" are the top two questions involving the government shakeup.

Also trending is "Why did Cameron call an EU referendum?" a question the abashed prime minister might be asking himself - he opposed Brexit but the centerpiece of his re-election campaign was a promise to call for the referendum.

Other voters, like @rambogiblet felt they'd been duped. This tweet appeared in a story by Time.com about the puzzled and puzzling reactions of remorse-stricken Britons who voted to leave.

Others, like @DebbieMags, called for a do-over less than 24 hours after casting her ballot.

The search for "getting an Irish passport" jumped 100 percent overnight, and searches regarding the British pound reached an all-time high.

And for the truly pessimistic – or realistic – in Britain, the U.S. and around the globe, searches on how to buy gold have increased five-fold.

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