Driving expert clears up confusing traffic laws in the Chattahoochee Valley

Driving expert clears up confusing traffic laws in the Valley

Slamming on the breaks has been on the rise for drivers in the valley, as Allstate research drops Columbus from 76th safest driving city in the country to 104th safest.

From honking horns, to yelling at nearby cars, bad driving habits can cause road rage for many drivers. One way you can prevent being that bad driver is knowing some of the confusing traffic laws.

Major confusion in town comes at cross roads like the intersection in Uptown Columbus off Broadway and 9th. As you turn left you'll encounter two stop lights. Experts say if you're clear to turn from your first green light, go ahead.

"The law says you can make a left turn on a steady green light, not a green arrow, but you must yield the right of way to on-coming traffic. That's all it says. So when you make that left turn, as you make the turn, you'll be facing a red light. That red light does not belong to you, it belongs to the cross traffic," said Al Barber, owner of Barber's Driving School.

What about turns on red? Experts say if you have a solid red circular light, you can turn right on red as long as no signs directly state otherwise.

A red arrow however is a no-go. You can also turn left on a solid red light, only if it's from one, one-way street to another.

What about slow-left lane highway drivers? If they are going the speed limit, must they get over and let those who wish to speed past? New legislation says yes.

"Even though you know you're within the law doing 70, you're no longer within the law and you're in the fast lane. You have to move out of the way. That was an effort to help some of this locking the breaks up," said Barber.

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