Columbus residents meet to discuss the tax freeze

Columbus community meets to discuss the tax freeze

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A meeting to discuss how the tax freeze ballot question that will be presented to voters in November took place Thursday.

Those who are in favor of keeping the tax freeze explained what it will mean, and elaborated on possible ramifications if it passes.

The meeting happened at the North Columbus Library on Armour Road.

Charmaine Crabb, the co-chair for the organization to keep the freeze spoke about how lifting the freeze will impact future homeowners in Columbus.

"People who have never purchased a home or about to buy a home, if the freeze is lifted or taken away from them when they buy their house their taxes are not protected from going up," Crabb said.

Crabb says their organization will have more meetings as the Nov. 8 election gets closer.

That's when voters will get to choose whether to lift or keep the freeze.

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